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A Musical by Mel Brooks

Max Bialystock is a washed-up producer with a string of Broadway flops to his name. Leo Bloom is an over anxious accountant with a secret dream to be a Broadway producer (and a comforting blue blanket!)
When the two of them discover that more money can be made by staging a guaranteed flop than a successful show, they hatch a plan to make a fortune!
Together they hire the campest Director, the most talentless lead actor and find the most offensive script they can find to ensure a disgusted audience. Financing the whole with investments from hundreds of gullible, sex- starved little old ladies, Max and Leo sit back and wait for the bad reviews to roll in.
The flawless scheme can't go wrong...can it?
The Producers is a hilarious and naughty spectacle of a show, full of bad taste, big numbers and belly laughs. With a cast as diverse as glamorous chorus girls to zimmer- framed dancing pensioners,transvestites to Nazis, there's something for everyone to enjoy!

Songs include:
The King of Broadway
When You've Got It, Flaunt It
Springtime for Hitler

At the LBT - Huddersfield
5th - 9th November 2013

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The Theatre has good accessibility for all, including wheelchair users and those with hearing difficulties.



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